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02 July 2008 @ 08:12 pm
July -another month I love  
I had a nice weekend in Columbus and then July began yesterday.

Things are peaceful and maybe even boring right now but of course I'm not complaining, because summer itself is all I need, and the less "excitement" I have, the more I can pay attention to the sky, the breezes, the birds, the green landscape, the warm nights, and the sharing of the long days with others out in the open.

I decided to seek blackberries close to home and work instead of way out past Xenia where I found so many in 2006. But there are none, maybe because the air is not clean enough closer in. But I am learning about lots of other plants on my walks here in greater Dayton.

And I am going to spend the 4th of July weekend down on the Ohio River again, so I'll soon have nice memories of one more holiday to add to my mental collection.