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16 July 2008 @ 07:13 am
first really dry week all year  
It's mid-July now, and this will be the first week in all of 2008 when we have several days between rains.

I am learning a lot more about rivers and plants when I go exploring every weekend. But I'm thinking I should do some travel now along the hundreds of continuous miles of bike trail that I live right next to. The Ohio River is great but it's at least 45 miles south for me so the car is involved partly.

For a weekend on the bike trail, I could just walk out the door with my stuff and go, like early on a Saturday morning. I'd need my little sleeping bag, and a mosquito net. I'd just get in them at dusk at a nice secluded spot such as out among the vast empty farm fields between Dayton and Columbus, maybe at a grassy spot with a few trees and bushes, such as where the bike trail passes the back of an old prairie cemetery. Then I could enjoy the trip back on a Sunday.

James wants to go with me on these journeys, so I could put her in one of those little baby stroller bike trailers.

James -early July, 2008
James -early July, 2008