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29 July 2008 @ 12:09 pm
more summer pictures  
I had a nice weekend where I swam in the Stillwater River Saturday and then hung around downtown at the Celtic Festival, and Sunday I walked several hours along the Ohio River beaches near Cincinnati. At "normal summer pool", all the beaches are exposed, and even where big dead tree piles have been left from the last flood there is enough room because the River and beaches are so big. You can travel as far and long on foot as you can in a boat.

I have a 3-mega-pixel camera built in to my Tilt device, so I'm starting to take a lot of pictures.

I took this one about twilight yesterday, when James was nodding off even though she was 4-1/2 stories above the neighborhood, on her favorite perch a few feet from my porch chair:

Here's a view of her domain, copied from local.live.com. Note that the balcony rail she prefers is at the very top of the central stairways, in our building near the upper left!:

Of course, downtown and the river are at the other end of the park at the lower right.

I realized Saturday when I was walking home that the contrast at the Main Street bridge is one of the things I like about this place.

When I'm at the bridge and the levee, it looks like rural Italy when I look back toward my condo, but the other way looks like New York City:

...Finally, here's one of the pictures I took Sunday, of the beach along the Ohio River not far from Coney Island: