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21 August 2008 @ 08:09 pm
new bike trail map effort  
I discovered a tree of the most delicious crabapples at Patterson Homestead, on my way home from work every afternoon. They are as sweet and red and tart as cherries but have a texture even better. I don't understand why everybody thinks crabapples are nasty.

Besides eating these, I've also been working on a new little project this week.

The Dayton-Xenia area has the world's most extensive network of inter-connected bikeways, yet nobody is publicizing this fact. (Nobody in government cares EXCEPT the parks and recreation entities. But they are too busy building the trails to publicize them to the rest of the world.)

I want to join some others on the web here in Dayton who have been doing an excellent job of describing and photographing the trails.

So I started this new scalable, zoomable, pan-able Google map, which will accurately include every mile of existing, under construction, and planned trails:

Dayton-area Bike Trails Map (under construction)

I am getting different results with the speed of navigation, depending on which broadband computer I view my map in. On my work computer, it is somewhat sluggish in "Map" and "Satellite" mode, yet it is amazingly fast when I click to "View in Google Earth" (like a fly-over). At home, on wi-fi, it is the opposite.

When I finish this map, I will tell some other bike trail enthusiasts about it, and I'll mention it again here on my journal.