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15 September 2008 @ 07:41 am
Ike -more damage in Dayton than in parts of Houston!  
It's 8:30 AM Monday, and I just survived the worst windstorm of my entire 54 years.

It will probably be awhile before I know how many states got clobbered as bad as Ohio by Ike.

But as for us, we are going through the biggest power outage in history, already a landmark Dayton restaurant has burned down, and there are already deaths right in this area.

And I know there were many injuries because I live next to Dayton's "arm and leg injury" hospital, and the sirens wailed into the emergency room there all day and night yesterday.

Weather researchers are going to be studying Hurricane Ike for a long time.

The speed at which it got this far inland and the intensity of the winds this far from landfall are certainly unprecedented.

When the eye was passing over Galveston Bay, I was hearing reports from KTRH in Houston, inside the eye wall, and those reports indicated winds less than what I saw sweep over Dayton yesterday!

Even before landfall, scientists were noticing an unusual wind profile in the storm.

I have a busy day ahead, because I just got to work, and power just came back on here, and there are still some looming deadlines that need to be met here.

I also need to buy a ladder to help with cleanup in my neighborhood, and to get up on the building roof which is only accessible through my balcony.

If power is out for awhile in Grafton Hill, that's OK for me because I'm off the grid and my solar electrical system was brought in yesterday to keep it from blowing away. In fact, my batteries will be recharging today if the sun comes out adequately.

Also, I need to do some more major investment re-allocation again today, because things are happening extremely fast and are extremely chaotic with the banks and with the crazy reactions. This time I will not forget to protect gains from upswings with trade stops. (That was the mistake I made in March, and why I made almost no net gains from that silver runup. If I would have remembered to use stops then, I'd be several thousand dollars richer now than I am.)

Finally, this hurricane has provided a "windfall" ( LITERALLY! ) for my long planned effort to gather and learn how to use acorns.

One of the most surreal things about yesterday was my own stupidity that almost cost me my life because I saw this windfall happening.

There is one White Oak tree directly below my condo that was loaded with large acorns. I went out for a walk at the very beginning of the winds, and noticed they ALL had fallen on the sidewalk. After a half hour, I had two plastic bags completely filled with these.

So then I decided to walk around the neighborhood looking for more. Just as I got farthest from my condo, and just after I had walked up hill into Five Oaks park, the worst and most dangerous blow of the hurricane began. Fortunately, there is an extremely rugged brick shelterhouse there, with a very solid roof.

When the large branches of the trees in the park started falling, I was terrified by the explosive bangs as they hit the shelter roof, but the roof held!

When the wind calmed down a bit, I ran as fast as I could back to the condo, down the middle of the streets where it was safest, and where no cars could drive because of all the fallen limbs.

Today, and for the rest of the week, I will be able to go to all the spots I've recorded over the summer as having large Oak trees with acorns. I will be able to gather these in knapsackfulls, because they are all on the ground now.

Normally, they would fall gradually over several weeks, so there would be gatherings required every few days, because it's important to get to them before worms get into them.

Now all those gatherings are compressed in time to just one big gathering -today and the next few days.