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23 September 2008 @ 05:14 pm
the era of dust and rubble  
Now that the total collapses are present rather than future, how many months or years of dust will there be before there's only rubble?

It's way too early to know, but I am amazed to see myself still upright and trying to fight through these first clouds.

Promptly at 9 AM, I was the first caller to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown's office.

Inspired because this divided land's entire idealogical spectrum is against the farcical "bailout" the administration is blackmailing
Congress into swallowing, I told him I will go so far as to organize street protests against it. And I reminded him that I have skill and experience.

Now, several hours later, I am hearing the same Sherrod Brown on NPR and reading about him on CBS Marketwatch.

Did my and the other calls from Dayton help embolden him to speak the truth as he did so strongly? Will it matter? Is his anger real or fake? Will it rub off on his colleagues or is their sheepish complacency insurmountable?

Our grandchildrens' future depends on the answers.

As usual, I am pessimistic.