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03 October 2008 @ 06:21 am
worst case scenario straight ahead  

As I just said two days ago here, we are almost definitely heading into a real and major oil shortage right away.

The reason this is so bad is because the world came to believe in a notion called "economics", and the basis for this belief is "growth".

This crazy idea of using "growth" as a measure of success of governments and groups and enterprises has always been wrong and suicidal.

But the myth was able to persist all through the 20th century and up until today because consumption of fossil fuels masked the illogic and contradictions of the "growth model" also known as "economics".

(Growth has only been possible all these years because of increasing oil production.)

Now that increases in the rate of oil production are overwith, growth is overwith. We've run out the clock on transitioning to alternatives to oil. It's too late.

And since the "global economy" is completely dependent on growth, it is beginning to collapse completely.

This explanation is very oversimplified, because this is my journal, not a book I'm writing, but I conveyed the main idea adequately. And, there are many books already written in recent decades that explain the absurdity of linking the fate of the world to "growth".

So the horror of this bailout is its timing:

Just when the world will need stored up talent and capital and wiggle room to deal with the collapse of the joke known as growth, it has not only used up all of those from the present, but has committed almost all of the future's storehouses too. (This is called "debt".) 

So it's not JUST that the bailout won't work (I won't get into that), it's that it dramatically adds to this debt right when we are on the precipice.

And, as always, "growth" is once again being given as the reason it will not be a disaster. (Specifically, we are being told, "When the "economy starts GROWING again", the oversupply of housing (sprawl) will be absorbed, so prices will recover, so the taxpayers will once again have their money back.")

But, as I explained above, this time the GROWING is not going to happen, because growing oil production is not going to happen.

Therefore this will be $700 billion (actually MUCH more) pissed down a rathole.

And what is going down that rathole is the LAST buffer that we will need to get through the great suffering that is straight ahead.

We are like a man standing on a beach facing a fierce winter storm.

He has let his boat and oars and tent and stove be stolen already by fraud artists, but at least he still has his clothes.

Then the same thieves that took all of these are terrifying him one last time as the sleet begins, telling him he will die if he doesn't give them his clothes.

Probably today, in the US House of Representatives, there will be a vote to hand over those clothes.

And humanity will begin shivering in the howling wind and snow naked on the beach.