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05 October 2008 @ 11:01 am
at least some calmness for a day or two  
I can't get worries about the fate of my life saving off my mind, because "massive de-leveraging" and government interventions have obliterated all the benchmarks and guidelines that drove my decision making until this summer.

Also, it's getting harder and harder every day to find any gold and silver for sale, so when some is purchased, it now takes over 3 months for it to be delivered.

This is extremely stressful, especially since we know the reason there is such a shortage is because the banks and super-wealthy are using their clout to buy it all up and crowd average small players like me out.

They know it will not be that long before all the "de-leveraging" finally is done, and then there will be coordinated currency de-valuations to disperse all the losses that the wealthy are suffering onto the entire world population (intentional hyperinflation by the central banks -dropping the purchasing power of ALL money).

Then, the price of gold and silver will take off like a rocket, but it won't matter, because almost all of it will be in the hands of the already wealthy and the corrupt central banks.

None of this is discussed at all in the press, so if you were not trying to buy gold and silver you would not know it.

This is not a conspiracy caused by the media being a small corporate cartel.

Instead, it's just too scary for the news to talk about, with all the other frightening things that the public is just now learning.

There are many other things that have been in the news that almost nobody is aware of because they were only mentioned in the newspapers, and only in small articles somewhere in the back pages.

Even on a local level, things that would have been 4" front page headlines as recently as a few years ago are just covered like minor stories now, because so much is going on. (Friday's paper: There are going to be 525 more layoffs in the city of Dayton. -This will severely damage the quality of life and the safety of the public.)

Also, the fact that the original Paulson plan was crafted several months ago has hardly been mentioned at all in the news.

And, the Army Times story about the combat unit brought back from Iraq to quell potential civil unrest here in the US beginning October 1st is hardly being discussed at all except on internet blogs.

This is understandable. If CBS and NBC and ABC and NPR and FOX reported fully about this one, there would be widespread paranoia.

Meanwhile, I am still able to function calmly, because in late June, before all these financial disasters began to come out in public, I decided to begin doing meditation at least once a day.

It doesn't work when I am physically ill, but it is really helping to calm me now and other times when I am healthy.

I am so glad I began doing this just in time.

Also just in time, after 3 years, my food foraging knowledge has really reached a critical mass this late summer.

I genuinly am now able to survive completely on a foraged diet, and I am quickly teaching myself the preparation side, so that I can soon easily live on nothing but what I have stored up and dried the past two years.

Finally, the beautiful weather is keeping me sane and calm.

The huge Oktoberfest is going on down at the corner, so the whole neighborhood is like a sports arena today.

Last night I spent a few hours among the crowds and this cheered me up a little. I took some pictures on the Tilt, but the camera is seriously malfunctioning, so there are none to share. (I didn't expect the camera part of the device to work for very long, so it's no big deal.)

It's now noon Sunday and the crowds are returning for day two, so I'll listen to some more music on the hill this afternoon.

Yesterday, I also went by bike to the vines of wild grapes along the bike trails and brought back a huge bagful.

I will put them in the "bongo nest" to dry in this nice sun now, along with some delicious wild cherries that were abundant on some trees at Wegerzyn Garden Center.