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28 October 2008 @ 05:26 pm
definitely fall-like weather now, cattail flour harvest  
It's going to warm up again for the weekend but this mid week is quite chilly.

I will go to Columbus again Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday morning I will help with honeysuckle removal at Wenrick Wetlands in Medway (on the way to Columbus).

I always enjoy doing this and this is the fourth time.

Over the weekend just concluded I harvested about six cattails from the big pond at Lakeside and Gettysburg in Dayton. It is fascinating how the large center roots fill with starch as soon as the leaves die. This is food for the new spring shoots to come up next year. The roots are peeled and then pulverized by hand in a bowl of water, so all the starch falls to the bottom and the remaining fibers are discarded. Then, the water is drained off the starch, which can be dried quickly and saved as flour.

It is interesting, and it is a pretty good food, but I think it is another process that requires too much effort for the resultant amount of food.