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04 December 2008 @ 11:53 am
I MUST solve my indoor winter air problem permanantly  
I am feeling horrible today, but with a unique set of symptoms that usually I cannot isolate as clearly as now.

In a way this is good news, because normally the many symptoms that make me "despise winter" all occur at the same time, so it is not so easy to sort them.

I know that there are three categories: symptoms related to less light, symptoms caused directly by cold itself, and symptoms caused by the winter air.

Today, and for over a week now, I have been suffering ONLY from the last category, so I have been able to really increase my understanding of this category without the "noise" from the other two.

It stayed fairly mild until mid-November and then ABRUPTLY got and stayed very cold. And, there was lots of windiness and not much moisture. Also, there was very little sunshine, which dramatically improves the air it strikes. These conditions are ideal for creating the kind of indoor air that bothers me.

The two problems with the air are its dryness and its positive charge.

The positive charge happens even when the air is not dry, but dryness makes it worse.

The positive charge is CLEARLY doing this to me:

1. Making my lungs feel "wierd", giving me a faint urge to gasp constantly.

2. Causing a continuous dull headache centered in the upper right back of my skull.

3. Making it difficult to concentrate and focus my thoughts.

I know this so confidently because I immersed myself deeply in studying the research about positively-charged air in the early 1980s when I first suspected it was part of why I despise winter.

(I already know these are EXACTLY my symptoms, because they are so strong right now, and I also know that they are EXACTLY caused by the charge of the air right now, because of my prior research.)

So, I just made a decision...

As soon as possible I am going to buy and continuously use a negative ion generator like the ones I tried out in the 1980s.

Then, they did not help me as much, because I was working among smokers, and because I hadn't solved the light and cold issues yet.

(Now I keep very physically active and stay constantly outside or near a window so the light and cold problems are essentially solved. Also, I try to go to Natchez and Point Breeze to escape part of the Ohio winter.)

...It's about time I finally and permanantly fix the problem with the charged air too.

If I didn't make the decision I just made, at the rate I am going, there might not be any more journal entries here until March!

-That's how bad I am feeling.

This suffering must and will end.