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11 January 2009 @ 06:53 pm
Warm nice week  
Note: As the post from this morning below says, go here for the best chance to see the pictures I took last week. This is the best I can provide because I have been camping since Tuesday night 9 miles from Franklin, Louisiana, the nearest town, at the Myette Point free campground in the Attakapas Wildlife Management Area. On Monday night, James and I backpack camped for $1 at Lake Fausse State Park. Our entire journey, since before the January 5th post from Henderson, has been along the western levee of the vast Atchafalaya floodway. The campground is just a few hundred feet from the levee, tucked into miles and miles of uninhabited sugar cane fields, stretching clear to Franklin, a very nice town of about 9000.

It rained hard the night we camped at Lake Fausse, but the highs until today have been in the seventies, with warm but dewy nights.

From today on, it's going to be somewhat cool for down here, with highs below 60. But I checked on the weather up in Ohio. Thank God I'm down here, not there!

Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to put up another journal entry detailing more about last week.