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17 January 2009 @ 08:34 pm
Heading back to Ohio -reluctantly  
I left southern Louisiana this morning, and am now on the Parkway again north of Natchez. We are camped at Rock Springs again this Saturday night.

I took still more pictures in recent days but I want to just wait until I'm back in Ohio sometime Monday to put them on the internet.

The severe cold that I escaped actually effected south Louisiana too, with lows even below freezing. But every one of the last six days has been brilliantly sunny, so my mind and body still feel like they're in late April or May.

It sounds like it is going to warm up a little in Ohio about Thursday and then get cold again until at least February 1st.

If it weren't for this chance of at least a little warmup about Thursday, I'd be wanting to stay down here longer.

But I regained the mental state I had in September, so I hope this recharge can last me until March when I'll be out of the woods moodwise.

That's all for tonight because this may not even go through with such a weak signal here.