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26 January 2009 @ 04:03 pm
more snow predicted -will I get through until Spring?  
It thawed out a little but got cold again yesterday, and now more snow is predicted for the next 36 hours.

But the long-range forecast on AccuWeather says it will warm up again beginning Saturday, January 31st.

So far I'm OK even though I've been back in Ohio winter for a week now.

Those Hickory nuts I got in Tennessee January 3rd are excellent. They are Mockernut and Pignut Hickory, with very thin, easy to remove brown husks. And the shells in the husks are fairly easy to crack and separate from the edible nut, which is very sweet and delicious.

The Hickory nuts here in southwest Ohio (Shagbark) are hard to get before the squirrels take them, and they have very thick husks. With the husk they are 1-1/2" diameter but without they are as small as the de-husked Tennessee nuts, about 5/8" diameter.


Here is a blog I found written by a naturalist who lives just north of Myette Point, where I camped most of my time down in Louisiana this month:

Atchafalaya Riverlogue

His October 27th, 2008 post mentions that he is going to write a book about Myette Point and its' history.

In that post he mentions Martin's general store, where I got supplies during my stay:

"...When the Myette Point community crossed the levee and came onto land permanently in the 1940s, the era of the fishboat system came to an end and some other source of goods was necessary. It so happened that the nearest general store was across the cane fields about ten miles away at Medric Martin’s store..."