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01 February 2009 @ 11:06 am
going out to walk for first time since I got back from Louisiana  
This will be short, because it's 42 degrees and sunny here on Sunday morning, and I want to go out walking.

I haven't been able to since I got back to Ohio on January 20th.

Until today, it's been below freezing ever since I got home, except for one week ago, when it warmed up for about 12 hours but it was so windy then walking was out of the question.

The problem has been the ice all over the ground.

On Wednesday, we got about seven inches of snow too, making it harder for the ice to melt now, but I need to get out, and I'm sure I'll find some surfaces with good traction, so I'll probably be walking all day.

I sure need to. My body is desperate for the exercise and fresh air.