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25 February 2009 @ 03:53 pm
helping out with my condo  
I am taking over as treasurer of the condo association.

My building has 15 units with 14 owners, so I really needed to help out. We now have three out of the 14 of us on the board, and 3 more of us are trying to help.

That means some problems that have been building can maybe get fixed this year. Up until now, only two people were trying to do everything, which isn't practical.

We've had some fairly pleasant days lately, and I'm sensing that the days are getting longer, so I'm starting to shake off the winter blues.

I re-invested in more precious metals and related stocks again on December 18th after going radically to cash to protect my money in 2008. I took some healthy profits out of these December 18th trades the day before yesterday, but I am waiting for another intermediate low to re-buy those investments and profit from even more appreciation. As long as I buy at close to the right time and do some selling if prices go up parabolically, I expect to continue to make money with precious metals and related stocks.

I think the overall stock market faces even more brutal drops this year, and 2008 to 2011 is destined to be as bad as 1929 to 1932.

This is dragging down food and energy investments, but it's just a matter of time before these sectors "de-couple" from the rest of the market in my opinion. So I put a small amount of money back in them also on December 18th which so far has not been profitable but I will wait patiently for this to change.

I expect everything the government does to just make things worse, especially since Obama's economic team is made up of establishment Keynesians.

He really had no choice, because the nation and world have been thoroughly brainwashed for many decades into believing all this crap. There is really only one politician in the whole country that totally rejects the religion of Keynesianism, and that is Ron Paul. Even if Obama secretely agreed with Ron Paul, he would know he could never get away with implementing the painful medicine that is really neccessary right now.

I don't agree with Ron Paul about many things, but about money, I totally agree with him.

He would prescribe a long healing process, where we let all the distortions that are now causing devastation to correct themselves, and he would only use federal money for direct aid -to prevent starvation and homelessness.

Instead, we are going to continue trying to use so-called "stimulus" to prop up and revive the corrupt and unfair institutions and behaviors that got us here -consumerism, sprawl, credit instead of savings, a bloated financial industry, and a globalization mentality.

These things are trying to die, and we should let them, instead of trying to re-stimulate them.

Deep down inside I think individuals are finally realizing this, but we have too many not yet fully discredited so-called experts still dominating the media and government saying otherwise.

Until public unrest gets severe enough to banish all of these fools from the right to steer policy, they are going to continue to steer it -deeper and deeper into the ditch.