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19 March 2009 @ 12:07 pm
high stakes -condo situations  
I mentioned recently that I volunteered to be treasurer of my condo.

I have no intention of recording in this journal the details of the problems I inherited.

Let me just say they are many and are extremely serious.

Instead, I will only discuss the philosophical aspects.

First, I have no illusions that if I would not have bought my condo, but instead made some other choice -like renting somewhere again, I would be any better off right now.

(I was so pessimistic about anything to do with real estate two years ago, that I had been actually trying to live in a garage for 3-1/2 months prior to purchasing the condo! This was because I knew then what everybody knows now -that there is no safe place to be when the whole real estate market is a fraud. The best I could do was minimize my exposure to the traumas and headaches which I knew I'd eventually face in one way or another. Finding the tiniest and cheapest place I possibly could was this minimization. And renting somewhere this small was not possible, nor for this cheap, and the same problems that plague condos are causing nightmares for renters right now too.)

This knowledge is helping me stay calm. (I face a stressful 2009, but I would probably be facing even more stress of some form or another if I would have made any other choice two years ago.)

Secondly, I remain calm because everyone else is suffering now too, and most are suffering more than me, because of what is going on financially in the world now.

For example, both of my brothers have been affected by the way things have been and are. -My older brother's child lost a job, and my younger brother faces a big student loan debt because the degree he earned was never rewarded by a job paying enough to eliminate the loan balance.

By comparison, all I face is the stress of suing on behalf of the condo several deadbeat unit owners who have not been paying the condo fees, and so have been getting free heat, insurance, maintainence and other things.

But the stakes are very high because, just like the rest of the world, this whole situation is riddled not just with irresponsibility, but also with neglect. The neglect part of it is the fact that the pair of owners that dared to try to run the condo up until last month let some of the deadbeats go for years! This means the treasury has so little reserve today that what happens in the next weeks and months will determine whether the utilitiers will need to be shut off because I will not have the money to pay them as treasurer. That in turn will lead to the city declaring the building a nuisance, and evicting all the residents!

How did such an unbelievable situation get so bad without it being stopped long ago?

-------------------Exactly!! Just like the whole #!+/*## world economy!!

(I rest my case.)