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30 March 2009 @ 09:04 am
dusting off instincts I put away in 2002  
Since the last post, I have mentally adapted to the situation I'm in with the condo building.

I'm noting that this is not a distraction from the survivalism that has become my life, but just another part of it. -I always knew when I saw this Great Collapse looming in the future that the challenges would not all be about food and camping techniques and dealing with weather and other "physical" things. I knew there would also be stress and coping related to humanity, which I can't escape from, and to the complexities humanity has built, such as law and infrastructure and money.

So I'm now working through the problems of being the treasurer of a condo building during this meltdown of "civilization" with the same emotionless calm that I have when teaching myself to forage, survive in the bayous, and move my own money around to keep from losing it.

But for this condo challenge, I did have to resurrect some instincts that I put away and forgot about seven years ago.

I reactivated these this past week.

I mean the interpersonal skills that I learned and applied from December, 1996 until November, 2002 when I was publicly fighting sprawl with great vigor.

(Then, I gave up in despair, because I realized sprawl is just a symptom, and the greater problem is the inability of most people to differentiate between reality and fantasy. I became convinced that this sickness was so pervasive that it would soon cause a complete collapse of society, beginning with a financial or energy emergency or both.)

Within that collapse now, I am fighting a tiny, super-local battle that is necessary for my own survival rather than a big regional battle on behalf of environmental groups, but it is all interpersonal, just like the six years of anti-sprawl work I did.

So I'm now using those methods of dealing with people again that were put away from 2002 until last week.

Already, I have made dozens of phone calls, a number of visits, and have informal meetings scheduled. Also, I have created a system for keeping information extremely organized, and I have begun memorizing many facts -so I will be unbeatable if anyone is dumb enough to try to argue with me. I exude great intensity now that is obvious to everyone who lives in the building, and word is spreading that I am going to fix the problems and fix them fast. I learned that this "buzz" is the key to effectiveness. (I must be seen as formidable by both my allies and opponents if I expect to change the behavior of my opponents.)

And, there are still almost daily reminders that this is so difficult because I live at "ground zero" for this Great Collapse.

-This morning, as I drove through Moraine, Ohio, between my condo and my office, once again, on the national news, Moraine and Dayton were being described as typical of America's new ghost towns.

In this particular news story, we were being compared to the the Pittsburg area in the 1980s.

But Pittsburg in the 1980s was like a sports team at the half.

But the clock running down now in 2009 is the one at the end of the game, not at halftime.