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06 April 2009 @ 04:37 pm
March was nice, I'm hopeful about April  
It's very cold today, and expected to be tomorrow, but all through March and up until yesterday, I've had no complaints about the beginning of spring. And it should warm up again after Wednesday.

I'm writing here to get my mind back on pleasant, familiar things again, because I focused so much on the condo in March.

It almost had to be an obsession at the beginning because I had to familiarize myself with so much and experience the stress of getting to know so many former strangers.

I think I can keep it compartmentalized now that these first struggles are done.

"Do your best then just don't worry" is easier said than lived, so I've tried to meditate frequently to keep worries from constantly filling my consciousness.

I think it is working.

For example, I can think here now about the blossoms and the trees turning green, and about how much I will enjoy that throughout April, and my mind is not fixating on fearful thoughts this afternoon.