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18 April 2009 @ 10:38 am
jogged for 45 minutes this morning  
It's Saturday morning, the third gorgeous day in a row.

Things got slow at O'Neil, so I took off Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday I went out to my garage in Camden, cut the grass with the little human-powered mower, and also hauled a collection of old boards and other junk that I've been planning to take to the landfill ever since I bought the garage 2-1/2 years ago.

I am determined to improve my moods, and as I've said recently, to keep things like condo issues, and money and investment doubts from becoming worries that sit constantly in my mind like dull aches.

These concerns should not be constantly running through my mind like broken records.

If they do, it means I have overdone my campaign over the last eight years or so to see such things as "really, really important".

It made sense eight years ago to tell myself that a lot, because I never thought much about money or retirement before then.

It has become clear to me now recently that perhaps I overdid this mental conditioning and now I need to undo some of it.

I need to accept the fact that lots of planning and diligence do not guarantee that the future will not still be fuzzy.

I need to stop seeing that fuzziness as something that I can and must eliminate.

To make it easier, I decided to go beyond just the pleasurable activities like walking and bike riding and boating that tend to help my body and mind as well as being fun.

I felt the urge to go out and run for 45 minutes, after doing sit ups and push ups, because I sensed that my mind was still not relaxing enough.

It was quite enjoyable, and I think my sense that I needed immediate physical activity to calm down my thoughts was correct.

I think I will probably start doing this a lot now.

(I won't wait several hours or until the weekend for a planned recreational activity. If I think that for my mental state I need exercise right now, I will get it right now.)