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24 April 2009 @ 11:41 am
first day in the 80s all year  
It's lunchtime Friday, and I've been off all week, but I've been making very good use of my time.

I've been doing things I long planned to do during a "semi-retirement" week -things that save money, but that there is not really time for when I'm working all week to make money.

These include sewing buttons back on shirts, sewing holes in socks, getting a really good stockpile of processed walnuts out of the shells, and a really good stockpile of meal from well-leached acorns.

I've also been finding proper homes for things I've long been needing to give away.

All of this is in addition to getting lots of daily exercise, doing lots of good reading, and the attention I'm giving to the condo and its treasury.

The week is ending with temperatures in the eighties today and for the weekend, and I am really enjoying this.

The extended forecasts look fairly good too.