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15 December 2006 @ 06:47 am
local stores now sell solar items  
(Friday morning)

I took my first steps into solar energy use this week.

There are too many unforeseen factors that I don't discover when I plan but only when do.

So, I prefer to just "dive in" to such things on a small scale and then refine and expand over time.

It is much easier to learn and change this way if you can just purchase things locally off the shelf rather than through the mail via the internet.

Thanks to a fairly new chain of tool stores called Harbor Freight, this is now possible for solar energy.

Harbor Freight has had mail order catalogs for a long time, but not stores.

Here are the three products I bought this week at one of their two stores in Dayton:

About $12. 1.5-watt solar charger:

About $40. 5-watt solar charger:

About $30 (on sale). 12-volt, 144 watt-hour power supply:

I don't have much to say about these items today because I just got them, but hopefully I'll be able to share useful information about them in this journal in the future.