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30 April 2009 @ 04:05 pm
wet but warm end of month  
Here is one of the pictures I took Sunday of my little 7-foot pontoon boat:

This shows the boat as I pulled it like a wagon between the condo and the river.

One of the advantages of taking charge of things here at my condo is that I got access to our 5-car garage. (We need to repair it and I want to start this in June.)

I inflated and assembled the little kick boat and had it ready before Sunday to just roll out of the garage which faces Mckinley Park next door. At the other (downtown) end of McKinley park is the Great Miami River.

With the little 2HP motor, I travelled past downtown to the dam just south of Island Park, rolled it around the dam on the wheels, and then continued as far north as I could go before the river had a shallow spot up toward Huber Heights.

Here are some more pictures:

late April 2009 pics

It was a fun trip up and back and then I relaxed the rest of the day on land.

It's been quite wet since Monday, though.

But there are dry spells between the April showers and it's still warm for late April.

April has been fairly warm overall.

Tomorrow (Friday) May begins.