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29 May 2009 @ 05:52 pm
summer coming again  
I know I've been enjoying myself a lot again when it's been ten days since I last posted here.

I want to do so now because something that seemed impossible five weeks ago in late March finally happened today.

I have been struggling since February helping to get our complex fire alarm system in the 15-unit condo fully online and functioning.

I and Shawn, our maintainence person had to be off all day once again this Friday, and at one point we had three fire trucks and three AT&T trucks here, but it was all worth it, because once the phone box was replaced, everything worked, and we even got the last unit tested.

Other things have been improving too, as the weather has gotten more and more pleasant in May.

On May 10th, like a switch going off, my winter blues FINALLY lifted COMPLETELY.

The financial collapse, and the condo board stress that began in February took their toll.

Otherwise my annual "seasonal affective disorder" probably would have disappeared in March.

I expect the economy to keep getting worse, and I think the masses are being fooled for the millionth time that a so-called "recovery" has started.

And for round two, I think I may seek some help to keep my moods from sinking unacceptably low
like they did from December through early May because of round one.

(No matter how well I manage my life to avoid depression, I am pre-disposed to it, so when I expect external factors to really get bad, I may want to resort to at least some medical help to avoid excessive depression.)

My current expectation is that about mid-October I will contact a doctor so I will be better prepared for winter, 2009-10.

But for now, as I said, the approach of summer has me feeling fine.

I am also pleased because my latest savings reinvestments are paying well. In fact, energy funds had their best weekly gains in 10 years, and silver had it's best week in 22 years, on top of other good weeks preceding.

I placed trailing stop orders on most of my investments to lock in these gains and any more that are to come before a correction.

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and besides going to Columbus on Sunday and Monday, I did some boating on Friday and Saturday.

Here is a picture I took Saturday at Eastwood Lake here in Dayton of the sailboat I helped my friend Tim test out. He just got it last week: