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06 June 2009 @ 08:13 am
last day of May boating, and yet another death blow to Dayton  
Here are some samples of the pictures I took on Sunday, May 31st on a wonderful boat trip I took between Shawnee Lookout on the Great Miami River and Aurora, Indiana on the Ohio. (All the pictures, with titles, and viewable at full resolution, are here: gallery including 5-31-09 pics :


But this first week of June saw yet another horrible slap to Dayton, already unquestionably the most economically troubled city in America.

Believe it or not, there actually was still one remaining major employer left here besides Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Before Monday June 1st that is!

We all just took it for granted, though, because it was NCR (National Cash Register), the company that had a major role in every aspect of what Dayton came to be in the 20th Century, a company almost synonymous with Dayton.

There were still about 1300 people employed at the headquarters just south of downtown.

But the overpaid dirtbags from elsewhere who have been running the company lately were playing the extortion game that has become the norm, secretly, for two years, with the governor of Georgia.

Out of the blue this week, they announced Georgia had arranged a basket of taxpayer giveaways to pay NCR to move to Atlanta!

...So the surreal, nightmare-like feelings are going to get even worse than I already was expecting. -It is really and truly more than just a metaphor when I say living here seems like living in an archealogical area. Miles of "ancient ruins" cover Montgomery County, like historic sites commemorating what a healthy American City was like up until the 1970s. Some streets are almost like Pompeii or Nagasaki -completely frozen in time -with almost no habitation, but still with many fading business signs from 35 or 40 years ago. The city just keeps all the vacant lots around these relics mowed and cleaned meticulously making them seem even more like outdoor museum items.

But even this will end soon, because the men who mow and clean will definitely lose their jobs because there is absolutely no tax base left to pay them.