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26 June 2009 @ 07:52 am
blackberries even more abundant than I expected  
Here is a picture I took on Sunday (June 21st) while picking HUGE amounts of black raspberries along the rail trail east of Jamestown:

After fifteen hours of picking over Saturday and Sunday I brought back about 3 and a half gallons even though I was just getting familiar with the best locations to pick!

I am absolutely amazed at how healthy and abundant these and other things are after what was obviously the perfect spring.

It looks like I will be able to continue picking like this for several weeks wherever there are former rail lines through farm fields. (I also checked out the trail just west of Dayton and it is full of ripening blackberries and developing grapes.)

In fact, if I was not working right now, I could spend 8 hours every day picking blackberries until mid-July and would probably earn what I make in a year if I could sell them all to a supermarket chain.

Instead, I am scrambling to preserve as many as I can for my own food.

I am pleased with how sun drying worked on many of the ones I just picked.

Also, I have many quarts in jars with pure lemon juice. I hope the acidity will be high enough to prevent spoilage or fermentation. (So far so good but it has not been that many days yet.) When I put some in a bowl to eat from the lemon juice jars, I sprinkle a little bit of powdered sugar on top and they are really good this way.

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I will finally take a break from berries and get out on the water again. -Tim Lemons and I are going to do some more testing of the new Sail Cat boat he just got that was shown in the May 29th entry below.