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07 July 2009 @ 06:55 am
nice 4th of July weekend  
The harvesting of blackberries that I did the last two weekends in June was very successful because I learned so much and because my methods to preserve the huge numbers I picked worked.

I dried about half of the berries, and these will now be a good snack food for several months.

I put the others in lemon juice as a preservative, in jars, and I eat these in a bowl with some sugar sprinkled on top. I don't know how long they will stay fresh in the lemon juice without refrigeration, which I don't use because I'm off the grid. But so far they are doing fine. I am prepared to turn them into jam if I need to, because the sugar in jam adds an additional layer of preservation to the acidity of the lemon juice.

Then this past weekend, Friday through Sunday, July 3rd through 5th, I took a break from foraging and visited Suellyn in Cincinnati, and then Dad and the rest of my family in Columbus. I also enjoyed a few hours of the Cityfolk Festival in Dayton and watched the fireworks after.

Between these pleasant things, I am always just paying attention to the normal things of summertime like the birds and the clouds and the little dogs and kids walking down the sidewalk and the cats curled up on porch steps. And out in the country I love the way the land looks and how the dead little towns I go through are still so attractive in the summer.

In other words I don't just love summer for what I can do with the long daylight and for how easy life is during the warm months. I pay attention to the season itself and admire it every minute, just like other people admire things like cars after they wash them or food when they eat it.