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25 July 2009 @ 09:19 am
busy as always because it's midsummer  
I knew it's been two weeks since I wrote anything here so here goes.

I'm going to Columbus again today and I'm going to see if there are many of the other kind of blackberries ready to pick on the way. These are the completely different species that were still small and green when I picked all the black raspberries in late June.

I will be looking along the same bike trail sections east of Jamestown.

I've also been helping get the repair of our condo garage started, and doing the things I love to do in the summer.

In fact, last Saturday, the 18th, there were seven free events going on at the same time in Dayton, including five free events just along the bike trails!

I enjoyed three of these events (free concerts), and then I took this picture when I got back home downtown:

Then, Sunday the 19th I enjoyed the Blues Festival, and last night (Friday) I spent time across the bridge at the Celtic Festival.

And the day after the last entry, Sunday July 12th, I rode the newest bike trail almost to Tipp City and back.

I've managed all this even though we are having what I think is the wettesty July in history.

I'm not sure about that, but I do know the first 23 days have been the coolest in history.
This is because all the constant showers keep it from warming up.

And I am still having to go out to Camden to cut grass every 7 to 10 days just like in May!