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06 August 2009 @ 07:10 am
let's face it: July was a crappy month  
We had the coldest July in history across a huge part of the northeast US.

This was due to a volcano that erupted June 12th in Russia and to another one in Alaska.

The wetness was also very odd.

I was OK anyway because it felt like early May all month, and I love early Mays.

But it was disorienting and bizarre and it just didn't seem right.

Unfortunately, the break from this relentless pattern that just occurred yesterday, August 5th, is only supposed to last until mid-August, and then the cold/wet pattern should return, and the winter will also probably be cold and wet.

Meanwhile, though, I still focused on foraging, and took this picture of what I harvested Saturday, August 1st along the bike trails. You see the wild garlic bulbs unpeeled in one bowl, the peeled ones in another, the scapes from the top of the wild garlic in a bowl, and the seeds from them in another. At the top is one of the two drying trays of later blackberries I got. And, I even found two bunches of wild grapes already ripe. The paper is the page from my "foraging log" where I sketched a map of where all these things were found with other details: