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15 August 2009 @ 09:28 am
first half of August has felt like August  
I've been busy working 40 hours per week as well as doing brick repair on the 5-car condo garage while Shawn does structural repair at the other end. I think we will still be able to recondition the driveway and remove all the old built up flat roof in September.

I'm glad that the weather has really felt like summer again.

Today I'll go to Columbus on my motorcycle because today and tomorrow (Sunday) are both going to be hot and dry.

Last weekend, I got five big bags of apples along the bike trail between Xenia and Jamestown. There were at least ten apple trees along there.

I am pleased with how well they dry out for longer-term storage.

They are as easy to dry as the blackberries, but they need to be sliced up and the slices dipped in lemon juice before spreading on the large trays.