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03 October 2009 @ 12:14 pm
trying to move on with my life  

I need to try to get back to doing things again, like writing here, now that I am at least beginning to heal after losing James on August 25th.

I knew I'd have kind suggestions that I adopt a kitten, because there are and always are so many that need homes. And I've heard of so many specific ones that my friends know about or have just had a litter of.

Because of where I live, a dog is not a good idea, even though I love dogs too.

So I know that from now on I will always want a cat to be my friend like James was.

Right before James died, a white male cat, still not full grown, was apparently abandoned here at Forest and Grand.

He was fearful, but hung around the lush gardens among the yards on this block and watched me and my neighbors every day.

I started giving him food in September and now we are friends.

When it gets rainy, he stays up on the balcony with me and then comes in when I give him food and water, and then he wants to play with James' toys which I still have.

When he is happy he talks a lot like James always did, and he likes to be carried on my shoulder, and to have his hair combed to get the burrs out.

I will get him fixed soon, and get him vaccinations too.

He still loves to be outside constantly, because he is still so young and fascinated by nature, and because September and the beginning of October have been so nice.

If he ever does want to spend much time indoors, I will then "formally" adopt him, and will need to teach him to use a litter box.

He is not so attached to me as James came to be, so if I go to Louisiana the neighbors can look after him and I'm sure he will be fine.


I think I just got the flu, which has been going around early, but it is a mild case, and I never really had nausea and vomiting until last night (Friday). And now I feel fairly good, so maybe I am almost over it.

The other thing I have been up to again is designing something related to how I live.

This time, it is another new idea that came to me about staying warm while camping in Louisiana, but one that is somewhat revolutionary, so I am excited that it could be patentable and marketable if my prototypes work. It could even be significantly practical beyond just camping. A Canadian thought of the same idea in 2004, and uses it now on a fairly large scale for something different from how I want to use it. He established an "open" patent on it for his use, because he thought it was too valuable for humanity to not share it as much as possible. I suspect if my experiments are successful, I will open patent the core idea for camping too, and will only use a standard patent for my specific products using it. That way other creative designers could use the main idea without license to create and sell other products. I doubt what they would invent would compete with my market, because there are so many types of things that could use the core idea, and each would sell to a slightly different set of customers.

I'm enjoying my little experiments with the idea now, and they are helping me heal and think about more than just how much I miss James.