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28 October 2009 @ 03:54 pm
busy designing outdoor things  
The main reason that I haven't said much here on my journal is because I have been immersed in inventing the thing I talked about on October 3rd.

It is a completely new kind of tent that will be insulated with leaves. So little heat will be required to keep it warm at night that a few bags of solar-heated water brought in as radiators will be all that is required.

This cardboard and foil solar cooker, that folds up to go in a backpack, will concentrate the sun on the water bag:

This is called the "Cookit". It was invented about 15 years ago by aid workers as a tool for undeveloped countries, and there are plans online to build and use them. Or, you can buy them already made for about $25.

I also tested how hot a freezer bag of water would get just laid out in the sun, without a Cookit. It reached an impressive 33 degrees warmer than the air!

I want to get back to work on all this, but before I do, I'll put this picture here of the nice little portable rake I got at Lowe's for about $10:

Everything in this "complete package" I am designing, including the rake for the insulating leaves, must fit in one backpack. This one will do so nicely. The handle telescopes out, and the wires fan out.