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08 November 2009 @ 10:15 am
closer to testing  
As I said, I haven't written here as much as I like because I've been perfecting my prototype for a completely new kind of backpack winter camping tent.

I am pleased so far, and I think I might be able to start testing it later this week, or next week.

I am also happy because today (Sunday) we continue to have beautiful weather for November.

I am in Columbus and I will get to see Terry and Emily and Greg, too.

All last week was bright and somewhat warm too.

It is unusual to have so many sunny days in early November, but for me it is wonderful because they keep my moods up.

I will be able to test my "leaf hut" even though I live downtown because I can hike south a short distance along the bike trail to just south of Carillon Park.

This part of Dayton is a wilderness that looks like it did five hundred years ago.

Nothing is there because it is a huge prairie floodplain.

If you leave the bike trail then go through the tall prairie grass you reach sand dunes and the Great Miami River.

I think I am the only person on earth who ever goes there, even though it is public land.

Right now, at the driest river levels of the year, there are sandy beaches hidden between the little dunes, and there will be lots of dry leaves from the willows and poplars that grow on the dunes, which are islands from January through June.

I will be able to unpack my backpack on one of these little hidden beaches and set up and test my prototype.

For as many hours as I stay, it will be a perfect simulation of being in the wilderness, but only a moderate walk away from my downtown condo.

The Wright Brothers, who lived just a few blocks away from me, came to this same stretch of the Great Miami to test seaplanes about 100 years ago. I bet it appealed to them for the same reasons it does to me.

Maybe I can take some pictures if I go there soon to test my prototype.