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13 December 2009 @ 06:45 pm
now I really am back on track  
Today (Sunday) I really did get all done with this long effort to create a practical and at least somewhat portable shelter to use in Louisiana when I go there to camp on the land I am leasing there for that purpose. The requirements besides portability were insulation (unlike a tent or duck blind, and waterproofness.

I ended up making a shelter made of 1" thickness of polyisocyanurate insulation boards from Home Depot or Lowe's (nominal R value of walls = 6.6).

The final weight of the whole shelter is about 56 pounds.

It is painted brown on the outside and white on the inside.

Inside, it is 6'-4" square, and high enough to stand up in throughout.

It folds up like an origami creation into a solid size of 5'-6" x 20" x 32", which will fit into my Geo alongside my outboard motor and boat seats, etc. as long as I remove all but the driver seat. I have made it easy to remove the passenger and back seat, so I can make my car like a tiny delivery van for this.

Of course, my Porta-bote will be strapped to the roof like last year.

I intend to leave it strapped up in a tree on the property along the bayou, wrapped in a camo tarp. This will keep it from being swept away if the bayou floods the land during the long times I am away. (The 100 year flood there is over ten feet deep, and lesser floods could also carry it away becaue it is made of foam.

I am pleased enough with this design that I probably will patent it, and I may actually consider making and selling these on the internet, like I was hoping to do with the leaf tent, which didn't work because of the nature of leaf litter.

It is not small and light enough to be carried in a large backpack, but it is still amazingly light and compact for the footprint and insulation.