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14 December 2009 @ 05:52 pm
...and back to trying to write here about twice a week again  
As I said last night, I am done with all that tent design work so I will try to write here again more often because I really do enjoy it.

Right now I am trying for the first time using my 3G smart phone (Tilt) as a modem for my laptop.

I am typing this via that connection, and so far I am pleased.

As remote as my campsite in Louisiana is, it is on the edge of AT&T 3G coverage (due to oil wells out in the marshes and the Gulf of Mexico).

With solar to keep things charged, and with this way of connecting my laptop to the internet, I will even be able to do things down there as sophisticated as accessing my desktop at work and launching my graphics programs and working on art.

I actually tried this about an hour ago and it was pretty impressive.

Also, I just uploaded five more pictures of Ghost the cat taken Saturday, to the end of the
Ghost gallery, including this one: