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13 January 2010 @ 06:53 pm
back in Ohio  

I did as I planned at the camp spot on Bayou Peyronnet -I folded the shelter back up, wrapped it in a heavy plastic camo tarp, secured it above flood levels in a tree, and disguised it with sheet metal I found along the bayou so it just looks like flood debris caught in the tree.

The reason for the disguise is because hunters will often wander across the spot from the adjacent wildlife refuge and I don't want them to steal the shelter between now and next winter when I use it again.

The rancher who I lease the spot from, Tony Fontenot, and his son Brandon, were going by after I put it up in the tree, so I asked them if they'd let me know if a big storm blows it away between now and the next time I come. They have many hurricanes and tornados around there, so it's not far fetched.

If you go to the gallery for this Louisiana trip, you will see the photos of my shelter in the tree near the end, along with a few more pictures I just added.

It was the longest bout of such cold the Gulf Coast has ever had in recent memory, but I survived it OK and still managed to enjoy my stay down there because the days were sunny even though it was so cold.

I was VERY pleased with the shelter, and I still think I will patent the design and consider manufacturing them.