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24 January 2010 @ 06:55 pm
finally found a big river access closer to where I live  

Here is a gallery of: pictures of the lot I'm buying on the Ohio River in Cincinnati .

I bought that beautiful two acres of land along the Scioto River in 2006 mainly because it provided access to a river big enough for all boats even during droughts.

But it is 100 miles from my home and my job.

I always knew that I could have such a boat landing as close as 40 miles away if I could just find frontage on the Ohio River near Mount Lookout in Cincinnati.

But this is the most affluent area in Cincinnati, with condominiums 25 times as expensive as what I paid for the one I live in.

But there is a tiny neighborhood that was destroyed by the 1997 flood now consisting of vacant lots mostly bought by the city and now used as community gardens.

And perhaps the most desirable of these lots remained privately owned and just came up for sale.

I knew if this happened I could afford it, because the new flood regulations require that if a house is rebuilt there, it must be up on stilts.

This really lowers the asking price.

And, the asking price was indeed low, I made an offer for even less, we settled for a price in between, and I am now buying the 35' x 125' lot at 202 Worth Street, along Turkey Ridge Park and the Ohio River frontage there.

This completes my "strategic plan" for the rest of my life...

I needed a plan to fulfill my love for travelling and exploring and being outdoors and active but also to do it all car-free.

The reason this lot works so well is because the bike trail that is about 98 percent complete between downtown Dayton and downtown Cincinnati runs right through the park in the pictures.

The last gap in this trail is funded and will be finished by 2013.

Then, the land will really increase in value, but more importantly, I will be able to take long "vacations" when I am in my 60s, 70s, and 80s without ever getting in a car.

-I will just put my sleeping bag in my backpack, hop on my bike, and get on the bike trail next to my condo.

I can spend two days getting to Cincy on the bike trail, sleep on a Little Miami River beach on the night between, get my boat that I'll keep on the lot, put the little wheels under the back, pull it across the park to the water's edge, and spend a few days out on the Ohio River, camping on sand bars and islands.

The lot is only four miles upstream from the heart of Cincinnati, so I can do "urban" stuff while I'm down there too.

Then I will return to my condo in Dayton along the bike trail just like I went.

It will be easy to prevent my boat from being stolen from the property because I will use the lot for raised-bed gardens, which is what the city of Cincinnati is doing with all of the other lots surrounding mine.

One of these raised beds will be hollow, rather than completely filled with dirt and mulch.
That is where my boat will be hidden -under my flowers and veggies.

Any thief driving through there at 2 AM will never know there is anything there but gardens and plants.

It is a neat place for other reasons, too.

The Columbia-Tusculum Historic District is around the corner -with lots of gorgeous old houses to look at, and also places to eat and have a coffee or a beer, although some of them are too expensive for me.

As Spring gets closer, I will surely have more to say here about this property.