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02 February 2010 @ 03:42 pm
getting through winter very well this year  
There is not much going on with me right now. So, it's a good time to mention that I am very convinced that the Saint John's Wort I started taking in August is working.

I am virtually certain that the mildness of my wintertime depression (SAD) is due to this and not the placebo effect.

The continuous 9 days without any sunshine that ended last week, along with lots of cold, at what is my lowest time every year, would normally cause me to be very tense and melancholy.

Instead, what I noticed was just how the other more minor things annoyed me (skin dryness, chills, heat bills, etc.)

There are also still more heartbreakingly negative things going on in the world (such as horrid Supreme Court decisions) that upset me, but no more than they would if they happened in summer.

I'll wait until about April, when I'm normally "out of the woods" to declare total victory, but I am very confident this way of overcoming my SAD has worked.