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13 February 2010 @ 04:03 pm
three short messages today  
First, the big story:

For a long time, I have thought about a separate "blog", to express the political and spirtual comments that just never seemed right for this journal.

I guess this journal has turned out to be the story of how my life rises above all the horrible political and controversial stuff, and I want it to remain that.

But I think a blog by me about the political and spiritual may turn out to be a good thing.

So here it is, just begun today:

Mike Monett -thoughts and essays

I also put a link to it to the right, so it will always be easy to get to it from here.

But back to my own life, I am quite happy about a very pleasant big surprise about walnuts...

They actually ARE practical as an abundant food after all, but the magic formula is patience!

-I still have many of the walnuts I harvested almost two and a half years ago.

And, after all this time, at some point in time, they bacame easy to crack, and easy to separate the flesh from the shells.

And to think I had given up on them, and have tried in vain to learn to tolerate acorns instead, because acorns are so easy.

But after all that time, the walnuts must be stale, right?

They don't seem to be at all.

I guess the same granite-like shells that made it take this long for the shells and flesh to dry away from each other, and for the shells to get adequately brittle to crack cleanly also sealed out ALL air or microbes that would begin spoilage.

Walnuts are SO abundant, and that is why I am so happy, and why I will probably be excited about walnuts forever now, unless I find some new reason to be disappointed.

Finally, about this weather, which has been absolutely horrible since right after this month began...

Today, there is hope, because there is finally some sunshine at least. And, here in downtown Dayton, somehow there is only eight inches of snow piled up right now after the two storms that turned Washington, DC and Baltimore into imitations of Buffalo.

And, the sunspot minimum, which ended up being the longest and most extreme in over 100 years, ended about New Years.

This turned out to be a big cause of all the colder than normal periods that have plagued Ohio and other places in the past few years.

If this is the end of that, good riddance. I hate cold, and the cool weather we had in June and July really sucked too.