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27 February 2010 @ 11:55 am
cold and gloom and nothing else  
There is only one thing for me to write about now -how much I wish it would warm up and brighten up.

Monday will be March 1st.

This entire winter has been defined by a stubborn "blocking high" in Canada just north and east of Ohio that directed ALL the cold southward.

The East Coast suffered the most because of this, because moisture there got sucked into the storms and gave them the snowiest winter in history.

All of this was set up by the volcanoes that made early summer so unpleasantly cold, and by the most extreme sunspot minimum in over 100 years.

The only good news for me is that all of these forcings are finally over, so there is reasonable hope that it will at least start to warm and brighten in March.

I can't even imagine what my moods would be like right now if I hadn't been using Saint John's Wort all winter.

The ground has been white since the first week of February, and there have probably been only about four days with any sunshine since then. This means the world has been completely gray and dark brown, and the idea of seeing something green seems so distant.

I am reading the book about climate change by James Hansen that came out in December, "Storms of My Grandchildren".

I think that the long sunspot minimum that finally ended about New Years Day will be looked back on as pivotal, because the tipping points that lie directly ahead were delayed slightly by it, because it had a cooling effect.

Everything now seems to point to hot rather than cold in the next few years, but with a wetter atmosphere caused by the added heat, and with other secondary factors being triggered, it is hard to know what lies ahead, because we are now in completely uncharted waters, as the Hansen book makes clear.