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13 March 2010 @ 12:16 pm
condo headaches continue  
In February, we had water leaking into the other inside stairway, and since I am treasurer of the building, I investigated, but I concluded it was just a temporary problem caused by some kind of snow or ice dam up on the roof.

But it continued, and it got worse, so that could not have been it.

Then, yesterday, we tore into the stairway walls and found two joints of the old galvanized water pipes that were rotted away.

We capped these, but now two units have no water in their kitchens, and the stairway is a mess, and lots of pipe needs replaced because it is eighty years old.

Because of the chronic money problems caused by a few of the fifteen owners not paying condo fees, this latest problem has put us into an emergency situation.

I have scheduled meetings so we can decide how to finally come down hard on these deadbeats, begin a zero-tolerance policy from now on, and then get these chronic money dangers behind us.

Meanwhile, this is all EXTREMELY stressful.