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21 March 2010 @ 10:57 am
another nice start of Spring  
March has continued to be nice, all the way to the first day of spring this weekend. (Today is Sunday.)

When the weather changes too suddenly, my allergies flare up and the chemical changes cause a unique, volatile, hyper-emotional kind of depression that only lasts a short while.

Unfortunately, I'm in that zone right now, so the latest serious problems with this condo building are coming at a very bad time for my moods.

The brightness and warmth are making my body feel better, and my long walk yesterday was helpful, but on Friday night, a phone call regarding this condo caused me to "snap" and for the 40 hours since, I have not felt a single moment of anything but gloom, and even my dreams both nights were restless and unpleasant.

The best I can do is keep my mind empty, and not chase after or try to "do something" about my moods.

I think the reason this is helpful is because it saves my energy for when it can be useful (after the gloom lifts).

It will lift soon, because this is an annual depression not caused by the weather, but by the suddenness of the change in the weather.

Once my body and brain chemistry adjust to the sudden changes from cold and dark to warm and bright, I will quickly enter a new range of moods, which will last all the way until December probably.

I just must try to bear the ache until then, just as if it were a throbbing physical pain.