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28 March 2010 @ 03:26 pm
histamine, 18-hour naps, and depression  
Now that we're entering the last week, I can say this March will be remembered as a nice one.

Yesterday I walked for hours enjoying the blue sky and the green hues breaking out everywhere.

There are eight historic districts surrounding downtown Dayton, and I have memorized the safest, quietest places to cross main arteries so that I can walk from neighborhood to neighborhood without any stress.

Yesterday, I did a partial loop that included Saint Anne's Hill and South Park, shown here in that order:

But, March has not been good overall with respect to my moods, partially because it has been so lush.

I think the unique and often sudden episodes of depression I get in March and April are caused by the cascading imbalances that begin with lots of histamine in my body in response to all the molds and pollens suddenly in the air.

When I was in my late twenties and early thirties I would sometimes sleep for over 48 hours when Spring allergens would overwhelm me.

I think my body triggers these long naps so it can filter out all the histamine built up.

The reason I have come to look forward to them is because the depression usually stops after them.

I just awoke this warm but rainy Sunday afternoon from an 18-hour one of these episodes.

My dreams at the beginning were dark and very depressing, and several hours ago I awoke for about 30 minutes but was still severely depressed.

But then, the final few hours I just came out of changed that, and now I am OK.

Hopefully, this "recovery" of my moods will last for many days, or if I'm lucky, will carry me all the way through the year.