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11 April 2010 @ 08:14 pm
still struggling  
The beginning of April has been beautiful, but unfortunately this means I am still struggling with the problems I described on March 28th.

Whenever early April is this warm and nice, my allergies become severe.

I am almost crippled right now.

Stressful events and conflicts with people at work or with this building don't hold off until these symptoms are over, so I am having a very rough time.

Psychologically difficult problems are magnified when I am going through severe allergy symptoms when they occur.

I hope I can get through this.

I did manage to go out to Camden to cut the grass, and everything was OK out there after almost five months.

And I have been taking walks every day and appreciating the gorgeous blossoms and blue skies and the green tips on all the branches.

I just feel extremely weak and tired and I feel fine until anything stressful happens but then I get depressed and don't recover for almost a day.