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18 April 2010 @ 02:13 pm
highest pollen counts I've ever experienced  
I'm sitting now on a log on a little sand beach off the bike trail typing this on another gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

I just took these two pictures on the walk here from my condo:

These are of the two new bridges over Wolf Creek, construction of which has prevented me from using this particular bike trail until now.

I am referring to the Wolf Creek trail, which leaves downtown close to my condo and heads along Wolf Creek toward Trotwood.

The little beach I am now on is just beyond the bridge in the lower picture.

Until Friday night when a cool front came through, I was still almost drowning in what must be the highest pollen count I have ever experienced.

CNN news said Dayton was having the fourth worst conditions for Spring allergy sufferers in the country.

The pollen is so thick, I could not see out my car windows Friday morning until I turned on my wipers and went fast enough for it to blow off.

It has just been so warm and pleasant since March but this is the price that must be paid.

I will enjoy this break while it lasts and this new week is not going to be so warm so maybe that will keep the pollen counts down.