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01 May 2010 @ 08:03 pm
I'm very upset about Gulf Oil spill  
I need to write here again because it's been almost two weeks.

I will explain what has been going on during that time when I get a chance.

But, in the last two days I've become very concerned about what is going on down in the Gulf of Mexico just south of New Orleans and Mobile.

Today I started trying to find out how bad this oil spill really is.

Again, just like four and a half years ago when Katrina struck, I just happened to be very focused on that area right when the disaster happened.

That caused me to "freak out" then, and I am trying very hard not to react in the same way this time.

But, the pattern of how things are being reported is eerily similar...

I start learning things from local people down there that make it clear this is much worse than those up here know, and then the truth finally comes out for everyone several days late.

And there are bizarre coincidences to this story that I am discovering that make it frightening, just like with Katrina.

I became interested in the Louisiana Gulf Coast as a place to spend time in winter just before Katrina. Now, I have actually camped down there five times. And, for about three weeks now I have been devising a plan to travel to and along the Gulf Coast every year in a solar boat after I become 60.

Will the entire coast be ruined by this disaster?

How will that affect this "retirement" plan?

And these are just the most selfish questions. I am actually concerned about this situation for many reasons beyond the personal ones, and that is why I have become somewhat obsessed since yesterday with learning everything I can about this huge oil leak from the sea floor.