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09 May 2010 @ 10:08 am
recovering (maybe) from all that Spring pollen  
Every year I hunger for Spring, but when a really nice one comes I pay the price -first by the itchy eyes and sneezing from the tree pollen and molds, and then in May by the secondary fatigue.

This morning (Sunday), I think I am just starting to recover from the fatigue but I am not sure yet.

And all that grass cutting with the non-motorized motor I enjoy doing makes things worse.

Now I have been doing it at my little lot next to the Ohio River as well as at my garage in Camden, and I cannot go more than seven days between cuttings because it's been so warm and adequately wet.

Now that I have the energy, I will describe what I did at the very end of April...

I built this raised garden bed on the lot in Cincinnati:

As soon as I am done writing this, I am going down there to hide my Porta-bote inside it (and of course to cut the grass again with the little human-powered mower.

In the bottom picture you can see the Ohio River in the background.


I was going to write here sooner, but I waited to see if the capture box that BP is trying to use on the oil spill down below New Orleans and Mobile worked yesterday when they tried it.

It did not, so this is making me depressed again, so I am glad I can maybe get my mind off it by going down there and setting up my boat for the summer.

I am glad I started my other blog, because I need to write about the strong feelings I have because of this and because of all the other environmental events that frighten me.