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16 May 2010 @ 12:21 pm
no complaints about first half of May  
I'm at Dad's place in Columbus and we are going to visit Kathy and Sue in about an hour.

Dad has developed serious insomnia but I think we figured out what caused it so hopefully we can help him cure it soon.

One of the nicest Springs in a long time continues for me.

I have been working 40 hours per week lately and cutting grass with the little human-powered mowers every seven days or less at Camden and Cincinnati both.

And I took my Porta-Bote to the garden box/storage shed, and yesterday I worked to finalize a new set of wheels for it to roll it down to the water.

So I haven't made time to get grape leaves or cattail hearts or asparagus or other foraging, but the boat work is important because that will get me to many foraging places later.

Meanwhile, I think I want to join the Ohio River Launch Club, the little cooperative marina with the ramp right across the corner of the park from my little lot:

(from their website)

(In this Bing Maps photo, my lot is "1" and the Launch Club is "2"):

Here is another photo of the Ohio River Launch Club from their website:

I need to make friends on the river, and this is the oldest club on the river, going back to 1898, and I like the smallness of the club (40-55 members), and the fact that it is a cooperative.

The nearby marinas are huge and cater to huge boats, besides being not as close.

Then, if I buy a pontoon boat, and turn it into a solar-powered floating home for exploring the inland waterways of America, this club will be my home port, and I will be able to afford to lease one of the docks as my parking place from May through October.

I would slowly motor down to the Gulf of Mexico (Louisiana to Florida) every year beginning about Halloween to stay warm until March when I would slowly motor back up to Ohio to spend the six warm months.

I need to become a member now, even if just for launching my Porta-Bote from the ramp and making friends.

Then I can spend a few years perfecting my solar boat moored at the club, and learning how to be an expert navigator.

Then when I am over 60, I can begin doing my annual loops to and from the Gulf.