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31 December 2006 @ 06:56 pm
Possible to be close to my job again, like when I worked downtown?  
As I've described to many people recently, my view of "retirement" has evolved, and now I think I would like to keep working at O'Neil well perhaps into my sixties or beyond and as long as they keep needing me.

The big caveat though is the continuing understanding that I want a schedule biased toward fewer hours.

I have dubbed this "semi-retirement", and I've discovered that if that's my lifestyle, I now don't care if or when I do or don't achieve "FULL retirement".

The reasons are many. Among them are the fact that my job is social contact, not just work.

Also, nothing about my profession is harming the environment, so it's compatible with my self-sufficiency efforts.

But proximities matter, in terms of stress, time, safety, expense, and energy useage. And, where I "live" has social contact components just like my job does.

Downtown Dayton lacked proximity to my job ever since it moved to Miamisburg. When I lost faith that the majority of people of greater Dayton see mass transit as an important part of downtown, I saw no reason to live there anymore since my job is far away.

Now, since November 1st, I have even less proximity, but I am living so cheaply that I still think it is suitable. And, I am learning so much so fast about self-sufficiency by DOING it daily.

But, besides job proximity, I also am concerned about how far west I am from my relatives in Columbus, my friends in Dayton, and my land on the Scioto River that I bought in July.

Also, I decided late in 2006 that I am quite interested in the plan for an eco-village near Yellow Springs.
(I just described this in my previous post.)

But, my garage in Camden is at least 47 miles from Yellow Springs.

I see no simple better way.
This is because there's a limit on how much of my life savings I want to have in real estate, even if I am living in it. Nothing's cheap enough near my job. Period!

Or, maybe there are rare exceptions.

I say this because a tiny house just came up for sale in December. It is cheap enough that I am going to make an offer on Tuesday.

If this works, it is because real estate has just dropped considerably everywhere, because it is the slowest time of the year for the market, and because southwest Dayton has just suffered another round of plant closings.

But it will be ideal for me if it does work.

I insist on something very small, with almost no yard to mow.
This house is a small one bedroom, on a tiny 41' x 52' lot.

It is only 3-1/2 miles from O'Neil, via a nice, low-traffic route.

And, it is in perhaps my favorite spot in suburban Dayton, in the downtown historic district of the suburb of West Carrollton.

It is only three blocks from the bike trail network and the Great Miami River,and directly on the bus line. Even when I lived in downtown Dayton 2 months ago, I was seven blocks from the bikeway and River and the bus I took to work was 4 blocks away.

Oh, and about the bus -unlike the people in downtown Dayton, the people in West Carrollton support it. In fact, they persuaded RTA in November to maintain the route just like it is even though RTA wanted to cut out some stops to save money. This Route 18 bus not only goes the 7 miles to downtown Dayton, but it goes south to a new transfer spot to be established soon where I will once again be able to get bus 60 at the stop in front of my office.

So, not only would the little house in West Carrollton be only ten minutes away by car, it would also be possible for me to resume taking the bus to work again, without the fear that my neighbors are trying to get rid of the busses like my so-called neighbors in downtown Dayton were and still are doing.

The little house has a 1-car garage attached, but I would still keep the large garage and shed and 1/2 acre out here in Camden 24 miles west because I can convert this land into my food garden and because I've become so attached to it and because it is not costing me anything and I got it so cheap.

West Carrollton is as close to Columbus and Yellow Springs as downtown Dayton was, and it's actually about seven miles or so closer to Terry's family and Suellyn's in Loveland.

If I am unable to purchase the little house, that's OK, because as recent journal entries have made clear, I'm doing quite well with the present arrangement. So, I'd better end this entry, because it is too early to talk much more about something that may not happen anyway.