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25 September 2010 @ 03:05 pm
car fixed for a bargain, and CooKit oven  
I got back from Spring Garden Lake to Tedders Wednesday morning (September 22nd), and called a nearby mechanic whose sign advertising CV joint repairs I had seen earlier.

So far I am very happy with what happened. -I took the car in yesterday morning (Friday, September 24th), and within a few hours BOTH of my CV joints on the Geo Metro were replaced for $160 -less than the cost of just the materials for ONE joint if I would have bought it retail and done the work myself.

So now I can begin planning a driving trip back to Ohio after I make a checklist of what I want from up there. I especially look forward to my portable bike and outboard motors and my insulated shelter from Louisiana on the way back.

I got the car fixed so soon yesterday I had the time to build my own CooKit solar food cooker before the day was over, similar to this one (picture from the internet):

Unfortunately, right after I built it, before the glue, and the varnish on the backsides, had even begun to dry, the weather suddenly became very rainy, and stayed that way all night. By morning, the foil was separating and the cardboard was sagging.

But today, Saturday, is dry again, and the CooKit is out on the front of the boat now drying out nicely in low humidtity and hazy sunshine. I will seal it inside a plastic bag after it is dry so it does not re-absorb all the moisture which will return at dawn tomorrow morning like it does every day.

I may even be able to test it tomorrow if we get direct sunlight instead of HAZY sunshine like today. It is ironic that today is actually the FIRST day since I've been down here with NO direct sunshine at all, at least not yet at 2:30 PM.

Here is the entry with my original mention of the CooKit, from Fall of last year:

October 28th, 2009