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23 November 2010 @ 10:34 am
very happy with how boat looks now  

Nine days ago I said I'd probably be starting the appearance improvements to the boat because the comfort and practicality design work was done.

I finished the improvements Sunday, the day before yesterday.

I still need to strengthen parts of the boat to withstand my target of 65 mile-per-hour winds, but I need to rest awhile before starting that work.

There is not much to say about the last nine days except that I am quite happy with how the boat looks now. Here is the gallery showing it from several angles:

pictures of finished house boat -November 21st, 2010

Note that the sky is cloudy in these pictures. -Well last week was the first one where we actually had more than one cloudy day in a row, and Sunday and yesterday were mostly cloudy too.

I am anchord now close to the State Park again, and am anxious to see the manatees for the first time. They are here now because the water coming up from the big spring is now warmer than the water in the rest of the Saint Johns River and tributaries.

What else has been going on?

Well, yesterday I made a homemade cell phone battery charger, so I can charge my three batteries without having to use the phone as the charger.

It was simple because the LED lantern I use is the same voltage as the cell phone batteries.

Here are the pictures of the charger:

pictures of home-made cell phone battery charger

Other than that, things have been peaceful again here in paradise, except that Ghost got stung in the eye by a bee last week. I was taking him for a walk up around Tedders on his leash when he stuck his face down into a big crack next to some cement. I warned him there could be a snake or bees down in there and pulled back on his leash but it was too late. The swelling was gone after a few hours and he's been fine ever since. Yesterday he went out with me in the Porta-Bote to row around looking for manatees. We did not see any yet, but we saw some cormorants, which spread their wings and and wave them gently to dry them off after diving under water.